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learn to fly

It is known that a person can learn to manage a flying machine. People learn to fly every day. If this person is you, then you know or will come to know that unspoken feeling of uniting with an aircraft such that you and the aircraft are one. You will make the transition from awkwardly getting into an intimidating machine to actually strapping it around you. The wings no longer will be the airplane's wings; they will be an extension of your body. The landing gear legs will not be the plane's, they will be your legs. It is indeed a special feeling to know that you can leave Earth's grip and return to it under complete control. To rise above all other earth-bound creatures, travel long distances, and then to return safely can be an experience unmatched by anything on this planet

To commit to learn aviation is a commitment to a lifetime of learning. No two days are alike, no two aircraft are alike, indeed no two landings in the same aircraft on the same day are alike. Every time you rise into the air, you commit to learn and ultimately draw from your pool of learning experiences to get you and your passengers back on the ground safely. Never dismiss the fact that you can learn from others. In fact, you must learn from others. From the time of the Wright brothers, there has been an exponential sharing of aviation knowledge. We are the product of that knowledge. We were not born with the genetics to fly like birds. Everyone of us must learn from the beginning, from nothing, from others. Even the Wright brothers, who had no actual flight instructor available at the beginning of this century, had each other and a few Europeans from whom to extract knowledge and counsel. Ask a CFI.com has helped a great deal of flight students in their quest to learn how to fly. Listed below are the questions here that have the tag "Learn to Fly".

Learning To Fly

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