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3 Answers

For the First flight lesson, do I need to buy a log book?

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Private Pilot, Student Pilot

1) I'm going for my first class next week. I was wondering if I should buy a pilot flight log?

2) If i was to buy a log book which one do i need and the differences between them? (look for student pilot book or regular)

3) which book/books do I need?


Reason why im asking all these questions is because i want to hit the ground running. I don't want to over pay.

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3 Answers

  1. Julio on Apr 21, 2012

    Everyone will have a different answer but,
    1) yes you need a flight log book because you mandatory need to log flights when you are looking for a rating, this time i guess, a private pilots licence.
    2) Regular logbook i suggest you it should be arround 12 dollars.
    3) jeppesen books are really good and very easy to understand, but they are expensive, at least i suggest you to buy the PHAK, Pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge, it’s a good publication from the faa, and you can even find it online at no cost! and has everything you have to know, 
    And of course a Far/Aim, Sectional chart and plotter, E6b (not need to be electronic)

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  2. Best Answer

    Wes Beard on Apr 21, 2012

    Here are the two locations where you can download most of the book you will need for any license.

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  3. Carol Karp on Apr 23, 2012

    If you know you are going to continue with lessons, then I suggest you buy one – compared to the overall expense it’s pocket change! 😉
    If it is more of a “discovery” flight then there is no need to buy one until you are sure you want to continue.
    If you want to keep something as a souvenir of your adventure into the sky, then you can buy the log book or make yourself a certificate (if the flight school doesn’t make one) and bring that in for your instructor to sign!
    Have fun!

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