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Flight School.

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General Aviation

I am currently a going into my sophmore year in highschool and I plan on pursuing a career as a commercial airline pilot. I and when reading about how to get a job everyone says it hard and your application needs to stick out. Hearing this i decided that I need to find a well-known flight school/college that will look good on my resume. I do not have any idea where to start and how. Any suggestions?

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3 Answers

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  2. Wes Beard on Jun 14, 2012

    Aviation is a close knit community.  The best way to get a job is to network like crazy.  The more people know you are interested and qualified to do a certain job… the better.
    With that said, going to a well-known flight school like Univ. North Dakota, Delta Academy or Embry-Riddle may not be the best option for you.  I think it would be better to get your certificates and ratings at the local flight school and attend one of these universities online to finish your degree, if you wish.  A degree in aviation is not important but a college degree, in almost anyting, is.
    The other thing to realize is that the pay is quite low the first few years after spending thousands of dollars to become a professional pilot.  If you can get through your training without accruing any debt,  you will have a real advantage of landing a job you can accept financially right out of school.

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  3. fernando on Nov 04, 2012

    read a book made by pilot and learn what is the best approach to build your career. In any case it is not easy the economical downturn is hiting hard: http://www.pilotwork.net

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