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Important Disclaimer Regarding Aviation (and related) Material on this Website

AskACFI is powered by pilots, flight instructors, and others who volunteer their time to help you and other site visitors.

However, despite the experience and expertise that are put into answer creation please understand that any answers you may receive or read here must be viewed as at best “educated opinions” only.

Please do not construe anything you read on this site as “legal advice” and do not rely solely on any advice you receive via this site in determining your actions or non-actions with regards to aviation operations, especially where safety or legality is concerned. That is to say, please use any information you may receive here prudently and ask your own risk.

Neither AskACFI nor its contributing users, owners, advertisers, sponsors, or other related parties will accept any liability whatsoever for use or misuse of the information provided on this site under any circumstances.

Required FTC Disclosure / Notice:

Just a little FYI.  Sometimes I am sent free books, DVDs and other aviation merchandise from authors, manufacturers and pilot stores in the hope that I will provide a favorable review of the product.  You should know, regardless of what the items cost me, I will always strive to provide honest and fair critiques of products reviewed on this site.   I am never paid for a review.  Sometimes I keep the items, sometimes, I send them back. You should also know, that several links on my blog contain affiliate tracking information to sites such as Amazon.com and MyPilotStore.com where I may be compensated monetarily if you  purchase products from those sites.   In other words, I am an affiliate marketer and may be compensated if you buy products from clicking links in this blog.

Libel in Comments:
This website is open to comments. You will find user-generated comments under many articles and other pages. If you are making a comment, then do not commit libel. Libel is a written statement about someone that is not based in fact. State all the facts you want and allow other visitors to decide who is right.

As a website owner and publisher, Federal Law has been passed that offers immunity to me in case you do cross the line and commit libel. So to save all of us lots of time, don’t do it. Just state all the facts of what happened and keep out all adjectives describing the person and his/her airmanship.

Your Use of Askacfi.com:

On the top shelf of my pantry closet my wife stores these unique books, you might have heard of them, The Yellow Pages. Do you have one? Go get it and look to see the fattest category. Is it Attorneys or Lawyers? You bet it is.

These people need work and many create billable hours filing lawsuits, writing interrogatories, doing discovery, taking depositions, etc. All these things create billable hours.

You and I pay for these “billable hours” in higher prices of many, ok, ALL aviation products. Think of airplane prices. Have you noticed how expensive they are and how the price seems to have risen dramatically over the past 20 years? It’s because a large part of the purchase price goes to a legal defense fund and insurance premiums for when some pilot and their lawyer (sometimes one-in-the-same) decides to sue them. Many times, the aircraft manufacturer decides to settle out-of-court, instead of being dragged into a lengthy courtroom proceeding filled with more…you guessed it…lawyers. Remember you *paid* for the aircraft. That is an important point.

Well guess what? You are not being charged for the information you get from me. You get all these flight training tips and advice from me for free. So for you to even think of suing me is unacceptable. If you feel differently, please close your browser now, go away and kindly never come back to Askacfi.com

If you decide to stay, and I hope you do, then you need to realize the following:

  • If you submit a question, story, image, drawing or photograph to me via Askacfi.com, you agree that I can use it on my website or in any other future publication without any compensation from me. If you do want compensation, any advice or knowledge you take away from visiting my website or from a reply I send to you is payment in full for life for anything you send to me.
  • You agree to use any and all advice found at Askacfi.com at your own risk.

That’s it. See how simple lawyers make it to do business with Askacfi.com?


This legal notice was modified from the legal notice that appears at http://www.askthebuilder.com