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3 Answers

Aviator College? Is a Associates Degree as good as Bachelors Degree?

Asked by: 3175 views Commercial Pilot

What do you guys think of Aviator College?  www.aviator.edu  I am thinking about trying to become a commercial pilot.  Just looking around for somewhat cheap and good education.  I am currently working on the PPL and am a senior in high school.



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3 Answers

  1. JamesCFI on Oct 10, 2011

     Never heard of it.  Sounds like you have alot of passion for aviation…   Cheap and good education, let me know how that works out

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  2. Paul Anthony Wegrzyn on Oct 11, 2011

    Kind of a blunt answer, but NO….
    In the ranking of classes/ courses etc. after High School,  they look like this.
    Associates, Bachelors, Graduate, Doctors.  It will not hurt to have and Associates if it gives you what you need to succeed.  It does cost less, and most certainly shows that you are willing to put forth and go the “extra step”.  Best of luck in whatever you do..

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  3. Mike Auten on Nov 05, 2011

    Depending on what your goal in flying is and what airline or job you want to have, an associates degree may be enough.  If you want to fly for a major airline, however, you will need a bachelors degree to make yourself competitive in the job market.  
    The thing you need to know about colleges is who they have received accreditation through.  There are two different types of accreditation, regional and national.  Contrary to popular belief, a regional accreditation is held to a higher standard (and thus accepted by more colleges and employers) than a national accreditation.
    As a suggestion, take classes at a local community college that is regionally accredited.  If you stop after attaining your associates degree then congrats.  If later you decide you need to get a bachelors degree, you will be roughly half way to your goal.  If you go to a school that is not regionally accredited (like the one you mention) you won’t be able to get your bachelors without taking classes over because of the way the accreditation system works.
    Good Luck!

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