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Confused about CPL rating requirements

Hi there. Does the 300 nm x-country has to be with the school's aircraft? Or could it be done privately? I've been told it's part of the supervised training. Although an ATPL who owns the aircraft I f...

Answered by: Mark Melindo 1602 views , ,

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IFR questions

They are correct. You may only train at a Part 141 school and ONLY with an F1 or M1 visa. You cannot count any Part 61 hours and that training MAY be in violation of the terms of your M1. Go to a P...

Answered by: 172Pilot 299 views

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IFR Departure Mins.

My common sense answer is that it has to do with both a plane's ability to maintain the TERPS requirements for ROC and separation from the OCS or to maneuver around obstacles that penetrate the OCS in...

Answered by: 172Pilot 283 views

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Picking VFR alternate

John, your description of the answer to your question sounds like a very good reason to NOT ask the Chief Counsel the OP's question.

Answered by: Mark Kolber 244 views

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Student performing preventative maintenance

Correct, but that only applies to PRIMARY category aircraft. Part 43.3 states that every holder of a pilot certificate issued under part 61 may perfprm preventive maintenance on an aircraft owned or o...

Answered by: Ben 2439 views

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Picking VFR alternate

I asked the FAA General Counsel a similar question, but the answer does not cover your case. My question revolved around filing IFR to a VFR only airport is permitted as long as their is a suitabl...

Answered by: John D Collins 244 views

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Picking VFR alternate

That's a great question. I like questions like this because it shows that the asker is trying to correlate a few different rules together. The answer isn't clearly spelled out anywhere official tha...

Answered by: Russ Roslewski 244 views

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primer not locked in

Also, will the primer work when the throttle is all the way out or when the mixture is in the idle cut-off position?

Answered by: QOL 277 views

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Flight following with multiple destinations

The answer is, it depends, so why not split the difference. If you are going to do touch and go or other quick return to the air, the controller might be interested. Stopping for lunch, maybe not so m...

Answered by: Mark Kolber 258 views ,

4 Answers


In La Verne,Ca- Brackett Field. Their weather data is LAWRS

Answered by: Sajjad Shirmohammadi 4471 views ,