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Disclosing Certain Medical Information on MedXpress

Asked by: 887 views General Aviation

I need to go in for a second class medical and noticed on the MedXpress form it asks for Medical Visits to health professionals within the last 3 years. I want to make sure I fill it out correctly, but not cause any raised eyebrows for no reason. I visited a cardiologist because I was sweating excessively during some sporting activities, and just wanted to make sure everything was good. I was able to see him through family connections, but he basically laughed at me, told me I was more than fine, and to get out.

So this may cause a string of unecessary questioning and restrictions to my medical, just because I mentioned the word "cardiologist". What would you recommend for a situations like this?

I guess it would be similar to someone going to the doctor for having a cold. Is this what they are looking for, or more of ICU due to chest pains, etc.

1 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Jan 24, 2013

    Put all of your doctor visits down on the application. Put the reason for the visit. Example: “Concerned about excessive sweating during sporting events, requested opinion from cardiologist, Dr indicated not a cardiology problem”. Or, if you did a stress test, then I would state: “Annual stress test, results normal.” Don’t leave out information or lie under any circumstances. Call Dr. Bruce Chien, Senior AME. He will advise you how to fill out the form. He is expert and exclusively deals with individuals with tough medicals. He can be reached at 309-689-5242 in Peoria, IL.

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