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Is anybody aware of a good iPad or PC based logbook program? I have created my own in excel, but am wanting msething that can cannect to an iPad, and hopefully be able to import my current excel logbook into it from the beginning. Thanks for any advice!

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8 Answers

  1. Gary Moore on Jan 21, 2013

    There is going to be alot of suggestions here….my personal favorite and the one I use is ‘Safelog’ by Dauntless Software….

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  2. Kev Hughes on Jan 21, 2013

    There is a lot of blog posts and threads throughout the pilot forums about this. From what I see LogTen is by far the most expensive but also the most user-friendly and all around best product. If you want something that is seamless for your computers and iPad, than that would be the best choice!

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  3. Chris Carlson on Jan 21, 2013

    I’ve been looking into log ten, infant one of ei commercials is what got me stated on this search, but I can’t find any forums where someone has said whether I can import data from excel, and if so, how easy. Their FAQs provide an answer to importing excel into the Mac software, but nothing more.

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  4. Chris Carlson on Jan 22, 2013

    *infact, one of their commercials is what got me started.

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  5. Sidestickplayer on Jan 22, 2013

    MCCpilot log, there is a free version and if you loke it you can take the enterprise edition for about 70 $ i think and there is an app for ipad/iphone too. Furthermore you are able to import your data from excel.

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  6. Mark Kolber on Jan 23, 2013

    I’m a big fan of myflightbook. com. It’s an online provider. With any cloud-based solution, there are potential issues with what happens if the provider goes away, but MyFlightBook mitgates that by providing the ability to download a syncable Excel spreadsheet so you can maintain data locally.

    In addition to the local option, what I like most are that the developer regularly updates the product and there are both iOS and Android apps.

    You asked about being able to import your current Excel logbook. Don’t know what you have it it up to now but I’ve been using self-created logbook database since the DOS days. When I started using MyFlightBook, I had some 1500 hours of flight time over the course of about 20 years. With some helpful assistance from the developer, the import went surprisingly smooth.

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  7. Mark Kolber on Jan 23, 2013

    Oh yes… it’s free. But at this point I wouldn’t mind if there were a pay-for option.

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  8. Chris Carlson on Jan 24, 2013

    Mark, I just listened to your advice, to find out that this is one of the best things ive even gotten for free!


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