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So, i know how the Altimeter works.

But, can someone explain me, what happens inside the Altimeter, when you turn the knob ( to change the setting in the Kollsmann W.) of the Altimeter. Does it mechanically change setting and turn the needles "only" or is the knob also connected to the "aneroid wafer"? 


1 Answers

  1. Bill Trussell on Dec 18, 2012

    All of the components of the instrument are connected together. Think of it as selecting a “starting point” for the mechanics of the altimeter to measure the difference between the air pressure inside the “wafer” (which is sealed) and outside the “wafer” but inside the altimeter case ( exposed to the outside air through the static port). Moving the window setting “fine tunes” the altimeter display as the range offered in the window is very limited (2 inches or 2000 feet) as compared to the measurement range of the instrument. The intent of the adjustment is only to compensate for the existance of non-standard pressure at the measurement point.

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