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3 Answers

PPL Checkride Advice

Asked by: 2881 views Student Pilot

I am about to take my checkride for my PPL. My instructor has acknowledged I have made great strides in becoming familiar with the oral portion and even commented on our last flight that if the flight portion of the checkride was that day I would have been passing,


I started my training last spring and have been traing in a 1980 Cessna 152 II. 

I just wanted to know what advice could you guys give me to help keep me relaxed and prepared for the checkride.



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3 Answers

  1. lo_fly on Nov 30, 2012

    if your instructor said so you are definetely ready so just keep calm and stay focused during the checkride.

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  2. nick on Dec 01, 2012

    I agree, stay calm, if your instructor thinks you’re ready then you probably are.

    I got my ppl about 7 years ago. I was terrified (could hold food down the entire day before because I was so nervous). Told the guy right of the bat that I was extremely nervous. A did the oral, no problem. Then he told me we’d go up flying and do stalls first, I informed him that I’d like to save those for the end as they made me sick at times during training (although I had managed to work through this), he agreed and believe he respected the fact that I as pilot in command of the flight was addressing the issue before it became an issue and showed I was in control. I also remember during the flight, when flying into the traffic pattern from the practice area I was about 2 miles from the airport while”in the pattern” instead of the normal 1/2 mile or so. The examiner pointed this out and I acknowledged this is and told him I was unfamiliar with this airport so it the me a bit off, he understood and on subsequent passes in the pattern I was at the correct distance.

    Long story short. They aren’t looking for you to be perfect, just to be safe and to know the basics at this point.

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  3. Heather McNevin on Dec 05, 2012

    Just remember that your instructor prepared you to be a safe pilot, which means by obtaining their endorsement, they think you are fully capable of being a safe pilot. A byproduct of that is that you are also capable of passing the test. I’d recommend having all your paperwork (I print a backup of my IACRA paperwork, in case of internet failure at least you have a copy to work with) and supplies ready to go. Think of the oral as a conversation, rather than a test. Its basically hangar flying with a purpose. Make sure to eat something that day, and I usually bring a bottle of water along. Sounds like you’re well prepared, just dont overthink. Answer the question and stop talking. This isnt an ATP checkride, they arent looking for perfect pilot, they are looking for safe pilot. Just demonstrate what you have been, and you should be fine. If its any consolation, Ive had 6 checkrides and I still got some butterflies before each of them. Keeps you on your toes! Youll do fine! Good luck!

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