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4 Answers

CFI Medical Certificate – Third or Second Class

Asked by: 1651 views Flight Instructor

Does a CFI required a Third Class Medical Certificate or a Second Class? Please help me to understand the FAR 61.23  


4 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Nov 30, 2012

    Third class if he/she must act as PIC. No medical if the “student” can act as PIC.

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  2. Ami on Nov 30, 2012

    Sam, Thank you very much for the quick answer……
    something that I am still don’t get it. So, In which case Flight instructor have to hold Second class Medical?

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  3. Bob Watson on Nov 30, 2012

    When exercising their privileges as a commercial pilot.

    They way I heard it explained was, if you’re being paid to teach, your a CFI and covered by what Sam describes. If you’re being paid to fly, you’re a commercial pilot and so those requirements apply. In some cases, that division can look like a fuzzy gray line, however. For example, you’re hired as a CFI but you do most of the flying on a flight. If you have a 2nd class medical in that case, the difference is academic.

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  4. Dan Miller on Dec 02, 2012

    Getting paid or not getting paid really doesn’t enter into it. Flight training is not a commercial operation and you can derive that by first going to Part 119 which applies to operators for compensation or hire. More specifically, 119.1(e)(1) states that 119 will not apply to student instruction. From there a person just needs to determine common carriage vs. private carriage which can be accomplished using AC 120-12A.

    So the only question remaining, regarding the correct medical, is if the flight instructor will assume the role of PIC or required flight crewmember. If the person receiving dual is not appropriately rated, category and class, then the instructor will need to be PIC. If PIC or required flight crew member, then a 3rd class medical is needed. If not PIC, or required flight crewmember, then no medical is needed. 61.23(b)(5)

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