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2 Answers

IFR flight simulator software

Asked by: 3174 views Flight Instructor, General Aviation, Instrument Rating, Private Pilot


Hello all,

Need your advice on witch flight simulator software to buy for home computer base

My set up now is CH ruder CH yoke CH avionics panel windows XP.

Looking for software to practice IFR

Don’t care about the big airplanes just single engine steam gages user friendly


2 Answers

  1. Carl Tyler on Nov 22, 2012

    I personally use Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX) because it supported all my plugin accessories out of the box, rudders, radio panel etc.

    I tried XPlane, but didn’t like the UI, and getting it to work with my pedals and other accessories was way too difficult.

    Only issue with FSX is Microsoft has ceased development on it (bone headed move), so it’s not going anywhere, but it’s still a great piece of software and perfect for practising those IFR approaches.

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  2. George on Nov 22, 2012


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