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CFI reinstatement and no medical.

Asked by: 1139 views Flight Instructor, General Aviation

I am a retired airline pilot (medical) and I would like to give instrument sim training and teach ground school. I will not be able to to get a new medical ounce my current medical expires. I have held a CFII & MEI certificate in the past. I would like to reinstate my CFII (if possible), not to fly but to give logable sim training to instrument students. I have a current medical but the medication I have to take is on the prohibited list (due to side effects in a some cases), so in effect I do not have a true functioning medical.

That is my problem any suggestion would be appreciated.

1 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Nov 19, 2012

    The examiner has latitude to act as PIC on the practical test as provided in 61.47(b). Also, a practical to reinstate one rating will reinstate all ratings on your instructor certificate. See 61.199

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