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28 day database update requirement

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Need help in locating the exact part, section and paragraph where the FAA mandates a 28 day database update for all gps equipped aircraft. I have found lots of references that say that it's required by the FAA, however, have been unable to find it in the FAR/AIM. Assistance will be greatly appreciated.


1 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Nov 05, 2012

    The answer you are looking for is found in the AFMS (Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement) for the specific GPS installation. The limitations section of the AFMS carries the force of regulation. Different GPS units have differing wording in this section. The Garmin GNS430W/530W wording requires that the GPS approach be loaded from the database and that the approach data is verified to be current. You can verify that the approach data is current by comparing the effective date of the current approach chart with the effective date of the database. As long as a current chart effective date is not after the database effective date, then the approach may be flown with an expired database. In late 2009, AeroNav and Jeppesen added an additional date to the approach charts called the “Procedure Amendment date”. This date is only updated if a change to the chart causes the database to change. For example, a change to a communication frequency will not have any effect on the procedure.

    In August 2010, the AIM updated figure 1-1-6 in section 1-1-19 regarding the requirements for the database used to read in the Approach column, note 3 has been changed from “Requires current database” to read: “Requires current database or verification that the procedure has not been amended since the expiration of the database”

    Remember though, the AIM isn’t regulatory, but the AFM Limitations section is.

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