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Aero commander 690B logging hours doubt

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Commercial Pilot, FAA Regulations

Hello CFI,s

Yestarday i asked a question about SIC time logging and training. Two instructors very kindly answer my question, but this regulations are often difficult to understand.

Since it was clear that the AeroCommander 690B is a single pilot operation aircraft. Can i copilot log any time while flying the aircraft?

I have a FAA Commercial Multi/single instrument license. Since the aerocommander 690B is below 12.500lbs, and doen/t need type rating, can a log PIC o SIC time while acting as a copilot. (i will be flying with another pilot, who has simulator time on aerocommander in SIMCOM DALLAS)

The regulation say that acting as PIC and Logging PIC are different. My question is, however the two pilots are qualify to fly the Aerocommander, who should get the PIC time? or how can logged the hours? as SIC or PIC or nothing?

The regs say that you can log safety pilot time? only on simulated instrument time, not actual?

How can you determine who is the solo manipulator of the aircraft? The pilot should takeoff and land the aircraft to log the time? (for example: Two pilots on the aerocommander 690B, two legs, both ME commercial pilots, one pilot less expirience takeoff the plane, fly it to the airport, and landed it,((he should get the PIC time)) the the leg back is flown by the other expirience pilot, he takeoff and he landed it as solo manipulator((he should get the PIC time right))

Thank you very much for your help again, is very dificult for me to understand how this PIC acting a logging hours on the logbook its done.


1 Answers

  1. Sam Dawson on Oct 31, 2012

    As you pointed out there is no SIC Aerocommander time under most circumstances (there may be exceptions where a135 OPSPECs require an SIC).
    Any time as a MEL pilot that you are sole manipulator of the controls you may log this as PIC as long as the airplane does not require a type rating. The acting PIC should not log this time…
    It is not uncommon to see this done under 135. The PIC logs all 135 legs and the copilot is there for added safety bit can not log the 135 legs. The copilot is permitted to fly the part 91 legs and can log this time.
    Until you have a high altitude endorsement and a HP endorsement you may not act as PIC in this airplane, though you may log PIC time.
    The FAA and insurance recognize this time. Some companies will not recognize this time for hiring purposes, however, so you may want to differentiate it somehow in your logbook.

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