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Eyesight requirement.

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Hi In-charge!

I'm currently 21 and have loved flying ever since i was 6. My hopes to become an airline transport pilot, however, was crushed when my myopic power went over 500. Recently i happen to overhead a conversation at starbucks and they were discussing how you can be CFI even with a high myopia power. My power is currently 550 and 525 L/R, i'm i eligible? Please advise :) 

1 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Sep 22, 2012

    From what I have read on the Internet it sounds like you are quite near-sighted. Medical standards require you to have 20/20 vision that is correctable by glasses, contacts, etc. to be an airline pilot (pilot or copilot). See FAR 67.103 and 67.203

    If you just want to take yourself and your family flying you need correctable 20/40 vision though you cannot become an airline pilot. See FAR 67.303.


    Airline captains are required to have a first class medical. Copilots are required to have a first or second class medical.

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