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The Opps List

Posted by on March 24, 2008 0 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

I was “stumbling” tonight and found a great website that I thought you would enjoy. But first, maybe I should explain what I meant by “stumbling” before you call my AME.

Stumble Upon! is a website and application that allows you by simpling clicking a button “stumble upon” new websites. It is kind of like having a “random” button on the internet but with preferences. When you set up your profile you can say what kind of sites you enjoy and has you begin to stumble upon new sites and approve or disapprove them it creates a preference pattern of what kind of sites you like or dislike compared to what other users with your tastes liked as well.

Ok, so the site I stumbled upon tonight is “the oops list” which is basically a collection of links to photographs of “oops”. What I like about this “opps list” was of course, a lot of the pictures were aviation and aircraft related. This picture of an airliner that landed with it’s parking brake on is an example of the kind of photo you will find on “the oops list”.

Airplane that landed with the Parking Brake Set

You can learn more about Stumble Upon here and here is a link to my stumble profile.


Fly Safe (so you don’t end up with a photograph in the oops list!)

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