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2 Answers

Travis airforce base MOA IFR

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So I am planning to fly from kccr to kcic. I am flying a 172 and would reallyprefer going GPS direct. Chances are the early morning is going to have a low cloud layer requiring an ifr departure. Around Travis is a MOA type airspace that I would need to fly through to go direct. There are victor airways that go through the airspace so I feel likif the airspace is ifr friendly. I normally wouldn't file direct in northern California but the flight is at 530 in the morning so I think they might accommodate me. Lastly, if I get through the cloud layer fast and kcic is vfr I'll cancel Ifr. But if I need ifr what are your feelings about direct.


also, if arrival airport is ifr could I file direct to the IAF? It's a 100nm trip

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2 Answers

  1. Lucas on May 19, 2012

    Well I am not too familiar with your area, I fly out of the New York area and no matter what I file here, the clearance I receive is always different than what I file, even if I file a preferred or TEC route, so I always end up filing direct anyway. I would file direct in your case and then just have a paper and pen ready for the clearance.
    Also in the MOA the only difference between VFR and IFR is that in IFR you are guaranteed separation from military activity. (Some controllers don’t really like the extra work and responsibility, so some will vector you around it and some through it).
    Finally you can either file to the IAF or the airport itself the controllers wont really care because they will give you whichever clearance the system assigns you.
    Have fun and stay safe.

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  2. Kris Kortokrax on May 19, 2012

    Someone needs to review airspace.  The area you describe is not an MOA.  It is Alert area A-682.  Look at your sectional and determine the altitudes encompassed by A-682.  You may not be within the confines at your chosen cruise altitude.

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