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2 Answers

KLRU ILS RWY 30 approach What does FFKHH and the little x depicting it mean?

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Here is a link 


Also, If you just entered the hold at coses from the RNAV 30 approach and you are cleared for the ILS approach while in that hold. How would you go about flying that since the hold pattern is westbound? 

2 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on May 06, 2012

    The waypoint FFKHH is a RNAV waypoint on the localizer where the heading 349 degrees from MOLLY intersection on V611/V94 intersects the localizer course. It may be navigated with a RNAV GPS system or via flying a DR course using the 349 degree heading.

    Assuming you were not given a vector to final approach course, I would pass COSES inbound in the hold and start the race track 180 degree left turn and continue turning for another 45 degrees (225 degrees in total) to intercept V94 outbound to MOLLY intersection and then follow the feeder route discussed in the first part of the question to the approach course.

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  2. Matthew Waugh on May 10, 2012

    You would NOT be cleared for the approach from the hold. Or if you were, you would query the controller as to exactly where he’d stuck is head and, if you may be so bold, perhaps he should pull it out.
    The controller must provide you with either vectors (in which case you do what you’re told), or they must get you to an IAF (in which case, again, you would do what you were told). A controller can’t just randomly clear you for an approach and hope it all works out – the FAA isn’t too keen on planes blundering across the sky out of control.
    If you lost comm. then, at the appropriate EFC time *I* would do what John said, get me to Molly and then follow the nice lines.

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