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Ask Max Trescott your IFR & Avionics questions!

Posted by on March 4, 2009 4 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog Tags : ,

max-trescottVery exciting news for Askacfi.com.  Max Trescott, winner of the 2008 National CFI of the year, has just agreed to come on board as a resident instructor!  As the founder of  Glass Cockpit Publishing and the author of the G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook, Max brings a wealth of knowledge on modern glass cockpit avionics and general instrument approach procedures.

Max is a general aviation advocate and thought leader. He is passionate about preserving and growing general aviation in the U.S. so that it remains available for future generations. He is the President of the SiliconValleyGA, which protects and promotes General Aviation in California’s Silicon Valley.

Max began learning to fly at age 15 and became a part-time flight instructor while working at HP. In 2004, he left HP to found Glass Cockpit Publishing, a publisher of aviation training materials. He actively teaches flying, is recognized as an expert in glass cockpit aircraft, and is one of 18 people in the world that concurrently holds both Master CFI and Master Ground Instructor designations.

Max is a frequent speaker on aviation topics and speaks to capacity audiences each year at AirVenture, Sun ‘n Fun and to other aviation groups.

I am very happy to have Max on board and he is ready and standing by to help answer your flight training questions and specifically those related to IFR procedures and avionics.

You can learn more about Max and his products by visiting his websites:




  1. Patrick Flannigan on Mar 04, 2009

    Very cool. Max has a great deal of experience and insight. Looking forward to the first article.

  2. Rob Mark on Mar 05, 2009

    What a great addition Max will make to the blog Paul. An excellent choice.

    But did you bring him on because he’s so handsome or just because he’s smart?


  3. Paul on Mar 05, 2009

    Take your pick Rob. Either way, lucky to have him.

  4. Steve Gorman on Jan 26, 2012

    Could you please direct me to your article that explains the differences between Y & Z GPS approaches? Thank you.

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