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5 Answers

What the meaning (RNP) Performance Based Navigation for part 91 Instruments single pilot?

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Part 91 Instruments single pilot

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5 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Apr 21, 2012

    RNP procedures requires special permission from the FAA to use.  The procedure requires an advanced WAAS capable GPS / FMS installation that can ensure it is within the defined airspace of 95% of the time. 
    It is not something that any light GA aircraft will most likely get approval for in the near future. 

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  2. Ami on Apr 21, 2012

    Thank you for the quick answer Bread
    What do you mean by  saying “special permission from the FAA” is it a license Rating that the pilot hold or the operator?

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  3. John D. Collins on Apr 21, 2012

    RNP stands for Required Navigation Performance.  RNP defines a navigation standard that the aircraft must remain within 95% of the time and the obstacle protection is based on the particular RNP value.  So if RNP is +/- 2 NM, this is what is used for an airway or enroute RNAV route. The protected area is always twice the RNP value.  For terminal routes found on RNAV SIDS and STARS, the RNP value is 1 NM and the protected area is +/- 2 NM from the route centerline.  Most GPS units are capable of flying some RNP routes, such as T routes (these are GPS routes often found near class B arispace to provide a route around the class B, but not have a dependence on ground based navigation aids such as a VOR) and Q routes are GPS routes above FL180) and RNAV SID and STAR procedures.  You can lookup a specific GPS in a spread sheet that is maintained by the FAA.  The GNS480, 430/530, 430W/530W, G1000 are on the list.

    There are also RNAV (RNP) approaches. Currently, the part 91 operators are not permitted to do them and the aircraft requires special equipment, autopilot, and pilot training.  With RNP, there is also a leg type that not all RNP capable avionics are capable of performing called the RF leg (Radius to a Fix).  It is a curved path from one waypoint to another along a constant radius of an arc where the centerpoint of the radius is established at a point off to the inside of the arc.

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  4. Wes Beard on Apr 21, 2012

    The FAA will issue a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for RNP approaches to the operator.  As Jon stated, there are specific GPS / FMS installations that are required for the approval.  At this time, there is only corporate transport jet that I know of that has this approval.

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  5. Ami on Apr 22, 2012

    Thank you very much John and Bread

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