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CFI Initial Checkride ORL FSDO

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I am booked in to do my Initial CFI checkride next week through the Orlando FSDO.  I was just wondering if there is anybody out there who has recently done the CFI Initial and if so what to expect.  I have asked my colleagues and they have told me etc.  I have read the CFI Orlan Exam Guide, the PHAK, the airplane flying handbook, the FAR/AIM as it were a bible.  I was just wondering if anybody had any other hints or tips they would like to share. have also got my own handmade binder of lesson plans, does this help? and in the checkride can you refrence materials.


Thanks in advance for any help


Michael Reed

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4 Answers

  1. MAC on Apr 20, 2012

    I loaded many of the FAA’s publications (PHAK, Airplane flying hadbopk, weight and balance handbook, etc.) as PDF documents on my laptop. I called my FSDO and asked if a laptop with those publications would be allowed. My examiner said thats what he uses (actually it was an IPAD).  This afforded me the extra benefit of the search feature (huge help for me) and the added benefitd of being free, and lighter than half a dozen books. You can purchase the FAR/AIM as a PDF from ASA or Sportys. My exam location had WIFI and I could search the FARs from the FAA website but I had a PDF copy of the FAR/AIM just in case. The big things for the CFI exam is not to make anything up, if you don’t know something say so then look it up with out being asked. Prove that you can find the answer for any question using official sources.

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  2. Kris Kortokrax on Apr 20, 2012

    When you ask about being able to reference materials, are you asking about being able to look up something to clarify a point about which you may be in doubt?  Or are you hoping to be able to look up the answer to each and every question you might be asked?
    Bear in mind that the test is to assess your abilities as a flight instructor, not your ability to do word searches and read.  You need to have some core knowledge.
    Can you explain things like Aeromedical Factors or Principles of Flight without needing to refer to handbooks?  Do you know that if you are endorsing a pilot for an additional rating that you don’t endorse under 61.87 and 61.109 (or 61.129)?
    Not trying to insult your intelligence, just responding to the idea of overdependence on reference material.

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  3. Doylemoye on Apr 29, 2012

    What are advantages/ disadvantages of lowering flaps all at once or doing it in stages?

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  4. Doylemoye on Apr 29, 2012

    What are advantages/ disadvantagesoff lowering flaps all at once or in stages? 

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