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7 Answers

FAA ATP Initial issue

Asked by: 3929 views FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor

Dear Sirs,

Ihave the FAA Validation/verification letter in hand for my ICAO ATPL. Can I be issued an FAA ATP in Canada if I do my written ATP Exam at the test centre in Toronto and Type Rating on A330 Sim at Montreal . I believe TSA fingerprinting is mandatory which can also be done in Canada. Do I have to go to US at all for this entire procedure?? Rgds....

7 Answers

  1. Mcrit on Mar 17, 2012

    46 views…can someone care to reply please???

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  2. Best Answer

    Wes Beard on Mar 17, 2012

    No.  You can take an FAA test anywhere in the world.  The evaluator must be designated as an Initial ATP check airman and the simulator must have a FAA identification number.  The simulator must also be a Level C or Level D simulator.
    From my understanding, TSA fingerprints are required or non-US citizens who receive training within the boundaries of the United States.  If you get your US ATP outside the United States, I don’t think TSA has to be notified but I am not sure about this.  The best bet is to contact the FSDO responsible for your area and ask your questions.
    The regulations 61.75 will allow you to transfer your ICAO ATPL to an FAA private pilot license.  To upgrade past the private pilot level, you will need to pass the appropriate practical test.  In your case, passing the ATP / type rating test in the A330 sim will give you a US ATP with A330 type rating.  

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  3. Mcrit on Mar 18, 2012

    Dear Wes,
    Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. It has definitely cleared some air!
    Just to dig a little deeper…Do I have to apply for Private License to the concerned FSDO and have it in hand PRIOR to undergoing this CCQ  OR the temporary ATP will be directly issued by the FAA Check Airman doing my CCQ? If the former is REQUIRED, then do I have to visit the FSDO in person OR I can apply by post?
    Thx a ton for taking out time for this.

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  4. Wes Beard on Mar 18, 2012

    The initial ATP certificate will be issued by the check airman on basis of you passing your ATP type rating practical test.  On the application for the license (Form 8710-1), you will need to place in section II (Issued on the basis of) both on a foreign license and on completion of a training curriculum from a Part 142 training center.  
    Someone at your training center should be able to help you with filling out the application. 

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  5. v.saint007 on Mar 19, 2012

    Hello Wes,

    Is there a way to find out the contact details of Intial ATP Check Airman qualified on A330 in Canada? This information will be helpful in case the training center does not have one and I have to wet lease the Sim for my training and fulfil the requirement as mentioned in your earlier comment.


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  6. Wes Beard on Mar 19, 2012

    Which training center are going to?  Most training centers that I deal with choose not to wet lease the simulators.  They have complete training programs they use including the check airman.
    According to this PDF, there are two Level D simulators in Canada: Montreal and Vancouver.  Both are operated by CAE Simuflite.  I would call that company to work out the details.

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