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My initial CFI checkride is next week and I want to know how it will look like, not talking about the test itself as much as talking about the whole picture, unfortunately my instructor didn't tell me anything like that and every time I ask him this question he repeat the same speech about how tough it is going to be.

My checkride will be in Oklahoma City in March 21, any idea where I can get an Arrow? the one I used they will not allow me to take its logbook.



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2 Answers

  1. Bill Trussell on Mar 12, 2012

    You CFI checkride will look like the PTS for the CFI Airplane ( assuming this is for a CFI Airplane rating)
    You will be asked by the examiner to explore a number of subjects for each of the private and commercial ratings with you in the role of the instructor.  The examiner will act as the student.  The purpose is to ensure that you not only understand the subject matter but can also explain it sufficiently for the average student to understand.  The examiner will introduce a number of questions into the mix during your discussion in order for you to demonstrate your ability to evaluate your “student’s” comprehension of the subject being discussed.  You should be prepared with a number of lession plans that can be modified to fit the situation given by the examiner.  Many CFI students consider the oral exam portion of the practical test the most difficult.  I believe this is because it is the least enjoyable for most.
    Once the examiner is satisfied that you have a command of the situation on the ground you will be allowed to to the flight portion of the practical test. Again you will have prepared a lesson plan based on the flight scenario given on the ground.  You will brief the lesson and begin with a demonstration, followed by the student performance of the task given.  You will evaluate the student performance and allow for “practice” can you will provide feedback.  Plan on doing a number of maneuvers in this manner until the examiner is satisfied with your command of the material and methods in-flight.  Failure, if it does occur, will likely happen during the demonstration phase of a flight maneuver.  Excellence in these demonstrations is expected.
    Plan on debriefing the examiner as you would a student during the time immediately after shutdown on the ramp.
    This is an abbreviated outline of the process that you should be able to complete in about 5-6 hours or so.  Some examiners take longer to reach a satisfactory conclusion, some less.
    As for the aircraft issue, you will need to have a backup plan for another aircraft you are comfortable with, as having the log books is very much manditory for the practical test.   I would start begging the owner to allow you to have the books or have him show up at your exam site with them and take them once you are finished with them, that way he is responsible for the safety of the books, not you.

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  2. Baraa Alhaw on Mar 12, 2012

    Thant was very helpful, and I liked the idea of asking the owner to be there with me 

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