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4 Answers

Archer 3 LandingTechnique

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I am currently a student pilot with 8.7 hours. I have recently had some trouble on Lesson 7 not being able to completly land the aircraft by myself. I am kinda frustrated because my CFI keeps saying am well ahaead of the group and its the first lesson am repeating. 

So my question is what techniques could you teach me to land. Am having trouble flaring to high.. 


Any help will be greatly appreaciated 

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4 Answers

  1. Koehn on Feb 28, 2012

    As a relatively new pilot who trained in Cherokees, I’d agree with your instructor. Learning to land adequately for solo takes time; learning to land well consistently takes a lifetime. As the Russians say, “repetition is the mother of learning.”

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  2. Bill Trussell on Feb 28, 2012

    I have found over the years that it takes some time to learn everything you need in order to land successfully every time.  That said, I would recommend that you concentrate on looking outside, the farther down the runway the better.  Most commonly, people tend to fixate on something closer in or inside the cockpit, like the airspeed indicator.  This leads to poor landings initially.
    Repeating a lesson is not a bad thing.  I have been flying over 30 years now and repeat lessons all the time.  Do not get discouraged at this early stage.  It will all come together on one day and you will wonder what you were worried about.
    Also, do not forget to have some fun along the way!!!

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  3. Nathan Parker on Feb 28, 2012

    Flaring too high almost always means that you’re looking right at the runway where those nose is pointed.   You need to shift your gaze towards the opposite end of the runway.  You won’t run into the ground.

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  4. Derek Schwalenberg on Feb 29, 2012

    Landing takes practice. Don’t be discouraged at 8.7 hours! Besides the concepts, it is a ton of physical motor skills which can only be perfected through repetition. You also have to train your self to pick up on cues/clues as to the attitude/speed/glide path of the aircraft. A good thing to try is just flying over the runway at a slow speed over as much as safely possible (depending on size obstacles at the end). A couple of low approaches in slow flight in the ground effect will teach you much. Go to a nearby airport with a gigantic runway during off-peak hours optimally. Then bring it home and put the new skillz to use.

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