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What is 85% Boeing Annual Wind?

Posted by on March 15, 2008 4 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

So I’ve been thinking about buying a new Boeing 767. You know, just something to get up to the lake and back.

When Boeing sent me my informational brochures this past week, I decided to take a look at the range charts. Just to make sure it will make it to the lake (did I mention it was Lake Lucerne?) And like a good pilot should, I read the fine print on the range chart to make sure I understood the specific conditions those performance numbers were generated with. I read an interesting note, “85% Boeing Annual Winds” hmmm…..

Boeing 767 Range Notes

So what is 85% Boeing Annual Winds?

I did some research, made some phone calls and ended up talking to a guy at Boeing Flight Operations named Jeff. Jeff was gracious enough to send me some information on Boeing PC WindTemp. Turns out that Boeing keeps some pretty good records of winds. In fact, they have complied 30+ years of wind information for well, basically the entire world. That information is available via a software interface they call PC WindTemp. This information can be really important say, if you are an airline or an airplane manufacturer and wanting to very accurately determine range and aircraft performance between two given locations.

So 85% Boeing Annual Winds means that those performance numbers were generated with wind information that is that has an 85% probability of being present on any given day. In other words, there is a 15% chance that the winds when you go flying could be higher or lower than the winds calculated for those charts. Make sense?

I was really interested in the information for creating some range rings comparing two different types of aircraft. Boeing PC WindTemp is a commercial program, so it has a commercial price but it might be of great benefit to your operation.

Fly Safe

Boeing PC WindTemp


  1. Diego on Apr 21, 2008

    I also need to draw circle ranges on maps considering Boeing wind effect. I found different programs doing more than just rings, but each one requires the Windtemp subrutine. I did some research in the web and I didn’ find any inormation about how to get the files and the licence. I’ve heard the programis just a set of dll and .dat files.

    Can anyone suffest me how to get a complete program suite to draw win-effected circle range?

    Thank you

  2. Niels on Jul 31, 2009

    Hello Diego,

    I am searching for the same thing, as we need to display wind-affected range maps for over 150 different aircraft types and about 20 airports worldwide.

    Have you had any success in your search?


  3. Andy on Sep 25, 2009

    Niels or Diego,

    I too am trying to draw wind-affected range maps, possibly using WindTemp dll files. Have you had any success?


  4. Paul on Sep 25, 2009

    None. Pc Boeing Wind Temp is pretty expensive and getting it intergrated into a mapping program like ESRI or Global Mapper would take some expertise. Want to make a million dollars? Create a stand alone program that creates those aircraft range maps with Boeing winds incorporated and charge $999 per license. Just remember who gave you the idea 🙂

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