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6 Answers

Expired Certificate

Asked by: 2597 views Private Pilot

Ok I feel like a student Pilot again.

I haven't flown for 10 years because of several life reasons.

Also I lost my log book.

So the steps I will take to get current again. Please confirm my path.

Contacted FAA for My AirMan Records. This has been done and I'm waiting for their response.

Requested and recieved a Plastic PPSEL Certificate. Done

Contacted Flight school. Will Schedule Lessons soon

Contacted Old Flight school and requested training records. Waiting for their response.

Class III medical Appointment. Havent scheduled yet.

Brush up on Ground School Stuff. Need to get training material.

Just to get my taste of flying again I what to do a Lesson with a flight instructor before doing the medical check up.

I want to find out if I still have the love for flying as I once did before doing anything else. Committing time and money.

I believe there is no set hours to get me current again. Its just a Flight review I need and that is dependant on my instructor sign off.

Is there anything else I need to consider before getting current again? What training materials should I purchase? Thanks.


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6 Answers

  1. Bill Trussell on Jan 31, 2012

    What seems like a very busy and overwhelming schedule for you to get current again is not as bad as it seems:
    Receiving your certificate again is a good sign.  The FAA will have records for you up to your last application for a practical test.  These can be used to reconstruct your lost log book.  Recommend that you copy your new log book periodically.
    I would schedule some dual time toward your flight review before making any further decisions on the other activities.  Also important will be, once you decide to move forward, is to get your medical certificate updated with a new exam.
    Once all that is done I would recommend sitting down with your flight instructor and gathering recommendations on ground materials.  This can be done as you get more familiar with your instructor and he/she sees how you learn best.  The materials vary widely and I like to work with students to pick the method that works best for them.
    You are correct that there is no set amount of time for getting you “current” again, only comfort level on the part of you and your instructor.
    Based on past experience with others in a similar situation this is not a tough task to get current again and can even be more fun than the first time around.
    Enjoy it.

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  2. David Yerby on Jan 31, 2012

    Thanks for the Comments. I feel overwhelmed by the laundry list I posted.
    I havent forgotten everything. I have done some online written practice test and I see areas in need to study.
    They flying part is what makes me nervous. I think I have lost the feel for the airplane. I know this well be over come with flying time.
    How should I approach the flight school. Just be up front with them and let them know my situation. First time out flying with the instructor I want to be able to do everything as I am the PIC. I will need a walk through on the certain things though.
    Thanks again.

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  3. David Yerby on Jan 31, 2012

    For having the Love of flying again comment who am I kidding.
    I love every form of aviation. I live by several GA airports at its killing me not to fly again.
    Also I’m a long time Radio Control Pilot so I do fly models.

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  4. Steve Butler on Jan 31, 2012

    Fourteen years ago, after twenty plus years with only one time in the cockpit, I decided to take advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon and went out to a local country GA airport.  Like you, I was chronically afflicted by the flying bug.  I found a young CFI and sat down in a briefing room with him discussing my situation.  During the 45 minutes of our discussion, the gentle summer breeze on my arrival had turned into a nasty gusting crosswind.  The wind was so bad that as we passed through operations, another older CFI there made the comment, “You aren’t taking a student up in this wind are you?”  My partner blew it off with a reply to the effect that I was an old hand and it was not problem (Huh!!!).  The instructor did an extremely abbreviated preflight.  I was not impressed by the example that set but assumed that he had just been up in that C152 previously.  The taxi out was a little uncomfortable but I was generally able to keep it on the yellow line.  While I was able to remember to keep an aileron into the wind, the takeoff was “rough” at best.  We did a few manuevers and headed for a 6000X100 runway where I surprised myself by greasing several touch and goes like I had never been out of the cockpit.  My hour was running out so after a couple of more turns we headed for home.  When we got back to the little 2500X40 hardsurface cow pasture where we started, I had to dive over some trees while fighting the crosswind.  I totally blew the landing and had to go around.  As we were walking back to operations, he said, “You really did a great job.  If you come back next week, I will sign you off.”  I told him,”If you are willing to sign me off next week after just what you saw today, you have a hell of a lot more confidence in my flying ability than I do” and made a mental note to find another instructor.  I think that your basic stick and rudder skills are somewhat like riding a bicycle and you don’t completely lose them.  The ability handle emergencies and adverse conditions like my crosswind are a different story.  The BFR is only part of the story.  When you are confident that you have the competence to put a passenger in the back seat and fly safely is more important.

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  5. David Yerby on Jan 31, 2012

    Thank you Steve for your Great Story. I have no Idea what my flying ablilities are at the moment.
    I have a goal of 10 hours dual to get myself current again with an instructor. I hope it takes less than that.
    I hope the instructor isn’t treating this like a check ride again oral plus flying BFR isn’t  suppose to be a Pass / Fail.
    If the CFI signs me off before 10 hours I will flying solo for a while before take PAX with me.

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  6. abadi on Feb 02, 2012

    how can i get the actual coset of BBJ 737-800 fliying hours as fuel crow catring  all expenses 
    as i know the chart the BBJ 737-800 by 12500 usd per one hour  as VIP flight 
    how can i know my profit 

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