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Must have while flying

Posted by on November 7, 2007 0 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

Captains_Atlas.jpg Several years ago I bought a book that has now become a staple of my flight kit. It comes with me everywhere. If you haven’t heard about it, it is called The Captain’s Atlas and it is indispensable. It is a standard United States road atlas with aviation navigational aids (VORs, Airways, etc.) over laid. When the weather is beautiful and you can see for miles, I always have at least one passenger, who will ask me, over a random area, “What lake is that?” I guess I should take it as a complement that the passenger thinks I’m smart enough to know every single lake in the country but rarely do I know the answer but this book is my cheat! I simply look up the state (hopefully I at least know that) and find a nearby VOR on the atlas, do a little triangulation and viola! I can usually tell them the name of the feature they are requesting. You will look like a hero!

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