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5 Answers

egt guage fluctuating

Asked by: 2577 views Aircraft Systems

egt guage started fluctuating today. Them intermittant hum over radio. Other guages start to fluctuate. Voltmeter starts to discharge. Voltage light intermittantly comes on then stays on. After landing all is normal. Any ideas?

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5 Answers

  1. Matej Dostal on Jan 07, 2012

    I’d say a loose wire somewhere.

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  2. Koehn on Jan 07, 2012

    This might be a question for askanaandp.com (kidding!).

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  3. Bill Trussell on Jan 08, 2012

    These types of issues are usually loose ground wires.  Also keep in mind that 80% of all avionics issues are caused by faulty connectors or poorly seated equipment in mounting trays.  The tough part of this one is that it appears to be intermittent.

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  4. Matthew Waugh on Jan 09, 2012

    I concur with Bill – when multiple electrical items go on the fritz in ways that seem bizarre it’s almost always a ground problem.
    Good luck finding it 🙂

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  5. Rick Dailey on Jan 09, 2012

    Update. Mechanic checked out and had suspicions about alternator. Took alternator off and had checked. Only putting out 12 instead of 24, had deadspots and something else did not check out right. Will get a new alternator. I still do not see the connection with the egt guage. 

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