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4 Answers

Time in type for a flight instructor to give instruction in high performance aircraft

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4 Answers

  1. Nathan Parker on Jan 05, 2012

    According to the regulations, none, although if the instructor needs to act as pilot in command, he needs the HP endorsement.  But there is no regulation that forbids him from provding training to a student who is otherwise qualified to act as pilot-in-command of the HP aircraft.  The acting as PIC issue would be enough to prevent the non-endorsed instructor from providing a HP endorsement, even though the regulations again don’t otherwise forbid this.

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  2. John D. Collins on Jan 05, 2012

    I agree with Nathan. Adding to his post, time in make and model is mostly an insurance requirement and not a regulatory requirement for the instructor.  Exceptions to this include: 61.195(f) that requires the instructor have at least 5 hours PIC in the make and model of a multi-engine aircraft in order for the multi-engine instructor to provide instruction towards the multi-engine rating. FAR 91.91(b) was just updated October 2011 and in part also has a 25 hour make and model requirement for an instructor to  provide instruction under limited circumstances for a flight review or an IPC if the aircraft has a throw over yoke.

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  3. George Lyddane on Jan 10, 2012

    Does an instrument rated pilot have to demonstrate any instrument proficiency (like a hooded ILS approach or a hooded NPA) when demonstrating “proficiency” for a new High Performance endorsement?

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  4. John D. Collins on Jan 10, 2012



    There isn’t a requirement for an instrument rated pilot to demonstrate any instrument skills for obtaining a high performance or complex endorsement, but it isn’t a bad idea to obtain such instruction.

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