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4 Answers

Proper self announce inside class E non-towered aiport.

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What is the proper self announce procedure for a private airport without a unicom but inside class E airspace of a regional airport.  See link below for an aeronautical chart. http://runwayfinder.com/?loc=46IA For example: Todds Field Traffic, Cherokee 53 Romeo entering left downwind for 17, Todds Field. or Ankeny Traffic, Cherokee 53 Romeo entering left downwind for 17 at Todds Field, Ankeny.

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4 Answers

  1. Nathan Parker on Nov 26, 2011

    The airspace isn’t relevant.  I’d say “Todd Traffic, blah blah blah, Todd”.  The “Field” is redundant if it isn’t part of the name.  This is in the AIM.

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  2. David Eberhardt on Dec 11, 2011

    TODD (46IA) is private (req’s prior permission) and has no radio frequencies listed other than weather nearby at KIKV.
    We assume you are arriving VFR, otherwise you would need to talk to Des Moines Approach on 123.9 until you could get into VFR conditions close TODD and then cancel IFR.
    Arriving VFR, it would be wise to talk to Des Moines Appr to let them know where you are headed since they are working with traffic going into Ankeny ( many instrument approaches going into that field) – but this is not mandatory.
    Ankeny Regional Airport (KIKV) CTAF is 122.9. If you look at the info for KIKV you’ll notice a note which reads “BE AWARE OF ACFT OPER INVOF TODD FIELD LCTD 4 MILES NORTH”
    I would use Ankeny’s CTAF frequency ( at least to listen up and become situational aware of the air traffic picture near you)
    I would make limited position reports on Ankeny’s CTAF such as;
    “Ankeny Traffic, Cherokee 53 Romeo entering left downwind for 17, AT Todds Field”
    I preface my call with “Ankeny Taffic” because it’s the Akeny airport traffic area that I am alerting in general and I would NOT add on “Ankeny” at the end of the transmission because I want to highlight that my radio call pertains to going into TODD.

    This situation is all about being helpful to other pilots who are arriving at Ankeny, so you just need to keep it short and simple (as a courtesy and to enhance safety) … im my opinion.

    I welcome any comments

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  3. David Eberhardt on Dec 11, 2011

    one other note: there is another field at the edge of the Ankeny traffic area called Morningstar (SW of Ankeny) and has the same CTAF 122.9 as Ankeny …
    so it seems that 122.9 is a frequency that everyone will be using in the vicinity of Ankeny ….

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  4. David Eberhardt on Dec 14, 2011

    slight revision to my previous answer.
    I’d use the Ankeny CTAF 122.9 since Todd Field doesn’t have any comm freq published and Ankeny traffic has an interest in potential traffic conflicts (“BE AWARE OF ACFT OPER INVOF TODD FIELD LCTD 4 MILES NORTH”)

    But my radio call would be similar to Nathan Parker’s answer.
    “TODD Traffic, Cherokee 53 Romeo entering left downwind for 17,  TODD”
    If you’re flying into Ankeny, you’ll hear calls for TODD traffic and Morningstar traffic on 122.9, therefore everyone will have a good situation awareness of traffic within the airspace.

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