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New Integrated Private/Instrument training curriculum

Asked by: 3417 views Flight Instructor

Has anyone started a student on the new Integrated Private/Instrument curriculum?  Are you using a commercially available syllabus?  I see ASA has one.  Are there others?  What are the advantages/pitfalls do you see to this type of training?  Sorry for all of the questions, but I am intrigued.  Thanks!

2 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Oct 26, 2011

    I had trained a couple students under a private/instrument course a few years back.  This was before the new regulation and my flight school was operating under a special provision for the course under 141.
    On average, the student spent roughly 30hrs in an AATD simulator using scenario based training.  They also spent around 80hrs in the aircraft.  The practical test was a combination of both AATD and airplane time though this is most likely a provision in the schools authorization.
    I seem to agree with other studies on the subject by University of Illinois that the students seemed more adept to handle unusual situations and displayed higher aeronautical decision making.  The study also showed the students who completed the course were more cautious in the weather conditions they were willing to depart in than those students who completed the training separately.
    My students really did not like having to wait another 40hrs to log PIC time with another pilot on board.  They really wanted to start taking their family and friends flying before completing the course.  So much in fact, that some of the students decided to drop out of that program and complete their private pilot license first.
    It is a bigger money investment up front before the reward with a license comes but I feel the reward is much greater following such a program.  Of the students that completed the program they ended up spending less for the license and rating than the others who got each separately.

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  2. Franklin Diaz-Martinez on Nov 27, 2011

    You can get some at http://www.qref.com/aviation/lesson-plans/  , they a free.

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