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3 Answers

What is the definitive book, online or DVD resource for flying with dual Garmin 430’s?

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What is the definitive instructional resource for maximizing a dual Garmin 430 set up?

3 Answers

  1. Private Pilot Insider on Oct 11, 2011

    I work for an aviation repair station http://www.hawkav.com. Today the Garmin rep flew in for a visit. He said with the new GTN650 & 750 out the production if the 430 and 530 is coming to and end. The 530 should be done by summer of 2012 with the 430 not far behind it. I know that didn’t answer your question but thought I would pass the info on. 
    Tommy Eldridge

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  2. Earl Kessler on Oct 11, 2011

    Hi Rick,
    To start with, the spiral bound manual that comes with the 430 that is required documentationin the cockpit is actually well written and a great start to learn the unit.  Next, I would recommend that after you have become familiar with this resource, you hook the airplane up to a ground power unit and spend a couple of hours going page by page and chapter by chapter on the ground, with the manual in your lap, so that you are not distracted by flight duties.  It is much more useful than the free simulator that Garmin has available to download online, although do this as well since it will orient you  to the unit if the plane is not readily available.  Once you are conversant with all of the major functions and buttonology, hone your skills by buying Max Trescott’s book on the Garmin.  For my money, there is no better authority than Max, and he has the credentials to prove it.  Finally, find an instructor who know the unit and can show you the tricks.
    The nice thing about learning the functions of the 430 is that you will be able to apply almost all of that knowledge to the later versions of the Garmin line, including the 530, the G1000 and the new GTN series of touch screen units.
    I am a huge Garmin fan and believe that Garmin is aviation speak for “Magic” and I believe once you get familiar with your GNS430, you will agree.

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  3. Gary Moore on Oct 12, 2011

    Agreed – Max Trescott’s book can’t be beat…

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