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4 Answers

Discrepancies etween different Cessna 172s

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Student Pilot

are there gross differencies between various models of 172s.(weight/balance, the various V speeds, performance? can I use one POH for all models of 172?


Joe Gallagher

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4 Answers

  1. Brent on Oct 06, 2011

    I don’t know enough about different Cessna’s to directly answer your question, but please note that you cannot legally fly with a POH from a different plane even if they are the exact same model/year. POHs are specific to each plane, specifically when it comes to equipment, weight and balance, operating limitations, etc.

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  2. John D. Collins on Oct 06, 2011

    Brent answered your basic question and that each aircraft has its own POH although you can usually purchase a copy of a POH that will apply to a particular model from the manufacturer. The duplicate POH can’t be used as the Official POH for the aircraft unless it is fully current and includes the W&B with equipment list. For some years there was also a manual that was designated as the particular model’s Information Manual. The Information Manual can’t be used as the ship’s POH, but it has the same information as the POH but without a current equipment list or empty W&B data. If you want more information on the various models of the C172, read thru the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS) for the C172.  It can be found at:

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  3. JamesCFI on Oct 06, 2011

     For 172s they are all basicaly the same performance wise so realisitcly you could,  however legaly and common sene wise not a good idea.
     POHs are cheap, and for 172 you can find many of them online for free if you search

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  4. Bob Watson on Oct 06, 2011

    While they all pretty much fly the same, there are differences that you need to understand to operate them safely. Different models have different engines, systems, etc. that you need to know. Not to mention that each individual airplane is going to have its own specific weight and balance.
    Some manual flaps, some have electric. Some have 30-degree flaps, some max out at 40. Some show their airspeed in knots, others MPH. Some have 12/14v electrical systems, others have 24/28v systems. Some have vacuum pumps, others have venturis. There are a variety of different fuel tank sizes.
    I think you get the idea.

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