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2 Answers

Current Sectional Chart for a Checkride

Asked by: 3233 views Private Pilot

I'm taking my private pilot checkride and need current materials available for same including a current setional. Its July 22, 2011.  All local airports I have visited were out of sectionals a few days ago as the latest were to be released. I did finally get the latest on the 23rd of July and the Checkride was scheduled for the 25th. 

The latest sectional show valid from the 28th of July.  Since stamped valid from July 28th and the checkride is on the 25th, Is it valid on the 25th??

My common sense says I'm asking an embassingly stupid question but the black n white side ov the brain is wondering. 

Anyone know the facts??


Chris Albertson


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2 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on Jul 28, 2011

    I have quoted from the Private Pilot PTS below.  See number 2. that I have emphasised.  I would recommend you borrow a current chart from another pilot or reschedule your practical flight test. The chart you have has an effective date that is after your practical test and should not be used. Often changes to items such as frequencies are coordinated with the effective date of the chart changes.  The same is true of the AFD.  You can always discuss this with the examiner and see if he will permit it, but I doubt it.


    (ASEL and ASES)
    REFERENCES: 14 CFR part 91; AC 61-23/FAA-H-8083-25, AC 61-84;
    Navigation Charts; A/FD; AIM.


    To determine that the applicant:
    1. Exhibits knowledge of the elements related to cross-country flight planning by presenting and explaining a pre-planned VFR cross country flight, as previously assigned by the examiner. On the day of the practical test, the final flight plan shall be to the first fuel stop, based on maximum allowable passengers, baggage, and/or cargo loads using real-time weather.
    2. Uses appropriate and current aeronautical charts.
    3. Properly identifies airspace, obstructions, and terrain features.
    4. Selects easily identifiable en route checkpoints.
    5. Selects most favorable altitudes considering weather conditions and equipment capabilities.
    6. Computes headings, flight time, and fuel requirements.
    7. Selects appropriate navigation system/facilities and communication frequencies.
    8. Applies pertinent information from NOTAMs, AF/D, and other flight publications.
    9. Completes a navigation log and simulates filing a VFR flight plan.

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  2. Gary Moore on Jul 28, 2011

    Also – there are several websites where you can buy a current chart and download it to print on your home printer….but regardless – John is correct – don’t even think of walking into a checkride with an out of date chart….

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