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6 Answers

Does a Recreational pilot need new endorsements if he changes home base?

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FAA Regulations, Flight Instructor

A recreational pilot has 100 hours and has an endorsement already for Cross Country privledges and already an endorsement for B/C/D airspace (endorsement actually read: "I certify.... In airspace around KCOS(class C) and Misc airports") from his original CFI. If he moves his home base airport (far away), does he need new XC endorsement and new B/C/D endorsement? The current endorsements are vague (i.e., not documented as limited to ...). And the use of "..and misc airports" also seems vague.

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6 Answers

  1. Wes Beard on Jul 03, 2011

    Interesting question.  From reading the pertinent Part 61 regulations and AC 61-65E it is my belief that your recreational pilot must obtian another endorsement to takeoff from a different airport than Colorado Springs (KCOS).  He does not need a new cross country endorsement or Class B/C/D endorsement.  Those two endorsements in AC61-65E do not state an airport.
    Note to instructors:  THis is a good rason why every endorsement should follow the prescribed format in AC61-65

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  2. Matthew Beyer on Jul 03, 2011

    Thanks Wes. I was kind of thinking that since he had an XC endorsement that it means he no longer needed any endorsement for anything “within 50nm” of a new home base. I have 0 basis for this other than it just seems like the XC endorsement was big enough to say he has received and trained and can handle flights over 50 regardless of home base. Thanks. I have an email into my DPE as well, will post his take.

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  3. James MacGregor CFI on Jul 04, 2011

    I’d ask your FSDO for a interpatation not the DPE, if this guy gets ramp checked  it will be by the FAA not a DPE.
     If somone gives your rec pilot any static saying so & so at the FAA said it was ok will get you out of most problems (especialy if you do it over email where you have a “paper” trail), remember a DPE is not part of the FAA, merely a well paid test proctor.

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  4. Matthew Waugh on Jul 05, 2011

    You won’t get a written interpretation out of the FSDO. It’s hilarious – you send them an e-mail – ring, ring, ah a phone call. They didn’t get where they are in government by writing things down.
    If you want a written interpretation ask a Regional Counsel – you want an interpretation you can take to the bank, ask the Chief Counsel.

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  5. James MacGregor CFI on Jul 05, 2011

    I’m sorry that has been your exerience. Everyone has all these wives tales about the big bad FAA.
    After I did my checkride at the FSDO for my CFI (afer a few years as working as a CPL, i figured I should get the damn thing lol) I found the inspectors to be very nice folks.
    I still keep in contact with the fellow that I did my ride with. When I have a question I will ask him for an interpertation (then talk about airplanes for a while), on one instance I was a little worried about something and asked him if he could also send me aemail summarizing we talked about, later that night I had a email in my inbox.
     Keep in mind you dont get to be a inspector just because you apply for the job.
    The inspectors I have talked to have more hours then probably everyone in this forum combined, they have been pilots, CFIs and even students, and anyone who knows anything about the govt know you cant run a piece of paper though the faa without writing things down.

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  6. Matthew Beyer on Aug 23, 2011

    I forgot to update my findings. I was told that because his home base had changed, I would need to redo his endorsement for the ‘can fly within 50 miles of specified airport’. Even though he has the XC endorsement, I redid his less than 50 mile one. I was also told I need to do a new endorsement for his B/C/D priveledges and be more specific than the last guy who said “…and misc airports”. Thanks for the feedback.

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