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2 Answers

Instruction Time in Make and Model

Asked by: 5037 views Flight Instructor

I am hiring an instructor to instruct in my airplane.  He has 5000 hrs Total time and 2000 instructing.  He only has 1 hour instructing in my make and model but 40 as PIC in my make and model.  Can he instruct me in my plane? 

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2 Answers

  1. John D. Collins on May 03, 2011

    I don’t know of any FAR that would prevent him from providing instruction in your airplane.  You didn’t mention the make and model of your airplane or the type of instruction you expect to obtain from the instructor. 


    There is a 5 hour make and model PIC requirement for instructing in multi-engine aircraft if the training is for the issuance of a certificate or rating.  Insurance is another matter as they may require a minimum PIC and instruction time in the make and model.  The instructor seems well qualified and would be legal to instruct in your airplane.  If the airplane is a simple aircraft, you are likely to get good value.  If it is a more complex airplane with unique systems and or flying characteristics, the instructor may or may not give you a thorough check out.  Here I am thinking of an aircraft such as a Bonanza.

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  2. Kent Shook on May 03, 2011

    Agree with John, as usual, and I would be fairly comfortable with this checkout provided the insurance issues are handled. Your instructor has 2000 hours of instruction given, so he knows how to instruct. Instruction in that particular make and model isn’t really important in most cases, it’s experience with that make and model that counts. With 40 hours in make and model plus the other experience, he’s probably got a pretty good handle on how the plane flies.
    To put it another way, I would *MUCH* rather get a checkout from someone with 40 hours actually flying that make and model and no dual given in make and model, than someone who had 40 hours of dual given in make and model but no experience actually flying it themself.

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