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4 Answers

Sleeping Pills

Asked by: 6604 views Private Pilot, Student Pilot

Hey guys , im currently on my IFR training  and many nights ive stayed up late studying  or simulating  and when it comes to my flights fatigue kicks in im tired , im not doing the procedures right.My doctor prescribed me Traxil Alprazolam to help with my insomnia he says their  not addictive  as long as i take them short term. Has anyone tried this medication ?  Does this medication interfere  with my "im safe"  checklist ?



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4 Answers

  1. MaggotCFII on Apr 04, 2011

    Take a look on the AOPA site for:
    FAA Accepted Medications Database
    What you cite does not appear in the database, but of the three meds that are there for insomnia; one is disallowed and the other two have contitions attached.
    Absolutly consider this part of your “IMSAFE”.  I’d also ask my AME what he thought.
    After all you really do not want to become part of the instrument panel, should the meds screw up your brain.

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  2. Wes Beard on Apr 04, 2011

    The best bet is to talk with your AME about the situation and see what he says.  The other option is to search the AOPA medicine database for your pills.
    On the cause of the fatigue, my advice is to get a good night rest and not worry so much about the studying.  You’ll find you will learn more rapdily and easily when you are fully rested.  Even though you may be in a time critical syllabus like AllATP, it is OK to take a couple extra days so you can absorb the material better.

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  3. MaggotCFII on Apr 04, 2011

    Did some more digging around and if “Traxil” is the trade/brand name and Alprazolam is the medication – you may have some serious meds in hand.
    Two links:
    Search on the AOPA link that Wes provided above — for “Alprazolam” in the generic field and it returns “Xanax alprazolam”.   It is not allowed.
    Try this site at the Public Medical site for further info on Alprazolam:
    You need to consider what has been said in the two previous postings.

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  4. eee514 on Apr 07, 2011

    I would also like to add that these pills are highly habit forming and addictive and should not be taken for more than 2 weeks (and even then, not everyday, only when needed). I would strongly suggest finding an alternative to your sleeping dilema, these pills are from a family of drugs called “Benzodiazapines” if I may offer a friendly suggestion; do a wiki on them and see how serious they are and should be avoided unless really needed and from your case you describe, I think you can find a much safer and better suited solution. Good luck!

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