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2 Answers

AGI ramifications on Practical Test for CFI

Asked by: 4226 views Flight Instructor

I've read in serveral areas that if you hold the AGI, then the examiner on your practical test for CFI will not ask you FOI questions.  Many people are under this impression.

Is there a FAR or other published FAA source for this?

14CFR 61.185(b) says that if you hold the AGI, you can SKIP "must receive and log ground training in FOI".

That does not seem to answer my question. 

I'm just about finished with my CFI-I, initial, and ready to schedule my exam....  "May the force be with me.."


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2 Answers

  1. Matthew Waugh on Mar 26, 2011

    An examiner can ask you any questions they want within the limitations of the syllabus, including all ratings/certificates you currently hold (I think, maybe that’s only FAA inspectors). Regardless – the qualification for the AGI is to have taken the FOI written test, there is no practical for the AGI. If you don’t have the AGI, you need to have taken the FOI written test. So AGI or not, you enter the initial exam with the same FOI qualifications (written test).
    So I wouldn’t expect an examiner to back off FOI questions. If you showed extensive teaching experience then you might get some slack cut on the FOI, or if your examiner is familiar with any theories of learning say, post 1950, they might consider it pointless. However – the AGI in and of itself isn’t going to lead to any reduction in FOI questions on the practical – in my opinion.

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  2. Best Answer

    Nathan Parker on Mar 27, 2011

    I’ve run into a number of people saying the same thing; interestingly, they all graduated from ATP in Atlanta.  I spoke with the Manager of the Atlanta FSDO to find out their policy in this area, and she assured me that CFI candidates were not exempt from FOI questions just by having a ground instructor certificate.  After some investigation, she discovered that a few Inspectors were misinformed in this regard, so the CFIs spreading this misinformation had some basis for their opinions.

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