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Wing Over Wendys

Posted by on March 23, 2011 1 Comments Category : Flight Instructor Blog

There is an interesting project at kickstarter.com that I thought was interesting and deserved attention at askacfi.com.

The project is “Wing over Wendys” and it is a book about a group of veteran combat war pilots and aircrew men and women from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam who meet every Monday morning at a Southern California Wendy’s restaurant to honor their service and honor those that never returned from war – Wing’s Over Wendy’s is their story of life, love, sorrow, hope, and love of country. We all need hero’s – and – they are, all our hero’s. Their stories need to be told before their time runs out. These men and women sacrificed for our freedom and this book is for them, their children, and for all of us.

You can learn more about how to sponsor this project / book here:


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  1. Norman on Nov 08, 2011

    Why not write the first couple of chapters and create an e-book as a pre-release taster. Place links into it for contributions, build a website and place material on it, drop in a couple of YouTube videos that you shoot and Bobs your Uncle!

    Good luck,


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