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Asked by: 7413 views FAA Regulations, Student Pilot

Hi, i have a dutch nationality living in south america i currently hold a icao ppl licence and have around 70 hours. 

im planning to come to the US to get my CPL- IR- ME and mij CFI.

Mij Question is this can i get a complete JAA course in the US because i have searched a lot and heared that i had to go to europe to the IR .Second which is easier to convert FAA to JAA or reverse .

every other pilot i know has an FAA licence so i know the route to get an FAA license 

If you know  good JAA schools in the florida area i would appreciate it.

And any recomendations regarding whether you think  FAA or JAA would  be better would be nice.

I have searched the internet quite alot but i find alot of different answers 

thanks, giovanni 

P.s if  this is not the place to ask such a question i appoligize in advance.

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6 Answers

  1. Micah on Mar 22, 2011

    Where do you want to work or fly? I think it’s common to convert FAA certificates to JAA certificates but I don’t know why you would want to do the reverse unless you want to live/work/fly in the US. 
    I imagine your question is difficult for most of “us” because many of the people who frequent this site are aware of the FAA norms but not the JAA norms. To my understanding, it is common for students from other nations train in the US because training costs are lower and I believe these students usually being testing for FAA certificates, taking this home and converting their certificate/experience to the JAA corollary. I expect that getting your FAA certificates and then converting them to the appropriate JAA certificates is the easiest route for you. I expect also that any program in the US that offers “JAA training/testing” is probably not really offering you what you want (or if so, doing it an extremely high price) because there can’t be that many JAA authorized pilot examiners in the US (if any).
    I think your question is a common question. Do a little research on the web and see what you can find. This is one comment I found:

    United States
    Flight training in the US is a lot cheaper compared with Europe, so students from overseas often come to the US for training. You may consider though, that if you intend to fly in Europe, learning in the clear skies of America may not prepare you for European weather. You will also find some procedures are different and well as some terminology. Since Sept. 11, the United States is much more sensitive about foreign pilots and entry into the States through ‘Homeland Security’, has been described as a nightmare by some. You are advised to check with your local US consulate before booking US training. But one thing is for sure. The training in the USA is one of the most efficient in the world in you can get your license in short period of time for almost half the price as you have to spent in Europe. We from AFTC can assist you by going though the TSA procedures so the nightmare becomes a dream. A FAA private pilots license from the USA will entitle you to fly US registered aircraft in all the World and if equated with a  JAA license to fly  European registered aircraft too.  Most ICAO countries will give an equivalent license based upon a FAA license to fly their own registered aircraft for private use.

    This Florida school doesn’t appear to offer the JAA certificate but will help you convert your FAA certs to JAAs.

    Here’s an extravagant explanation of the process that I don’t fully understand (written in 2008)

    Best of luck, Giovanni!

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  2. Best Answer

    Franco on Mar 22, 2011

    1 million dollar question Giovanni!!! I guess the best way to answer it’s: DEPENDS BY YOUR GOALS. I’m a FAA & JAA CFI-I so I know both regulations.
    You’re right about JAA IR training, you need to do it in Europe because there isn’t any US JAA flight school which is allowed to do that. 
    You can find JAA school in FL in Orlando, Ft Pierce, Ormond, Naples. I’ve visited all of them before doing my training. this is what i saggest to you as well (just to let you know I didn’t choose anyone of that school for my training, but it was 3 years ago, things are different now).
    I’ve friends working in Naples and Ft Pierce. I can get you in contact with them.
    which is best? FAA or JAA? probably FAA it’s better for flight JAA it’s better for theory.
    if you want to get both licences this is my advice:
    1.do JAA ATPL theory
    2.do FAA validation of your ICAO PPl, then IR based on foreign licence then FAA Commercial and multi add on.
    3. convert everything into JAA. JARs don’t specify how to convirt FAA into JAA so depends by the CAA of each country.
    for more infos contact me on facebook
    take care
    Franco Divittorio

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  3. Earl Kessler on Mar 23, 2011

    I had a student show up last year in the US who was an Italian national with a US Private Pilot’s license.  He had never been to the US before and got his license in Italy from a US Designated Pilot Examiner.  By the way, his Garmin 496 had all Italian labels.

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  4. giovanni lo-a-njoe on Mar 23, 2011

    Thanks Franco your advice is really help full and I will consider the route to getting both I also emailed napales but they didnt get back to me so i havent made a second attempt but will try again to email them again 
    if i have any questions i will let you know 
    thanks giovanni

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  5. Jim on Jun 21, 2012

    I have been flying as a commercial pilot in the US. We are relocating to Rome Italy. I have dual citizenship. In order to work as a Commercial Pilot in Italy would I have to convert my Airline Transport License? Could I do this here in the U.S? Is a European License required to fly as a Commercial Pilot in Italy?
    Thanks, Jim

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  6. Jaeho Chang on Aug 29, 2012

    Hi, I am an airline pilot who is working for Korean Air.
    And I already have an ATPL issued by Korean government.
    I’m planning to apply for an FAA ATPL, and I have a question while I’m studying FAR.
    According to the FAR 61.153 (d)(3)
    (3) Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges, or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, that—

    (i) Was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; and

    A person need to have a foreign ATPL with instrument privileges to be eligible for ATPL.
    I don’t understand what is a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.
    Is South Korea one of them or not? If not, Which countries are the contracting States?

    Thanks ahead for your help.

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