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4 Answers

POH markings and indications

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Does anyone happen to know what those heavy black bars indicate that are placed sporadically in the margians of POH's?  Sometimes the lines appear next to full paragraphs, other times they are placed near one sentence.  I've noticed that they are also placed occasionally next to page numbers.

I've also seen these heavy black bars in the FAR/AIM and it seems as if they are arbitraily placed.  Anybody have any idea why they are there?

Also in the POH, an "index finger" appears occasionally next to certain words, numbers or graphical information.  I take it this index finger icon exists to hilight or "point out" key information.  However, I am often unable to deduce what exact information the index finger is seeking to hilight.  Any advice?

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4 Answers

  1. Jon on Feb 14, 2011

    Marginal indicia (the black bars) are typically used to denote changes in the text from one revision to the next.  Sometimes they change one word – sometimes whole paragraphs.
    No idea on the index fingers.

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  2. Steve Pomroy on Feb 14, 2011

    Hi Flight Student.
    Black bars in the margins are usually used to indicate a change from the previous release/edition.
    As for the index finger, I have no idea.  But if your flight manual is using it, I would expect some sort of legend information near the front of the document.

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  3. Flight Student on Feb 14, 2011

    It took some digging on the internet, but I found my answer:
    A bar located adjacent to the figure number in the outer margin will be used to indicate that the figure number only has changed. A miniature pointing hand W will be used to indicate that an illustration has been revised or is all new material. The miniature hand will point to the figure number. All revised pages will carry the revision number opposite the page number on the applicable page. A list of revisions is located at the beginning of the Log Of Effective Pages.
    Now, does anyone know which section the “Log of Effective Pages” is located?  HAH!  I have scoured my POH but am unable to locate it.  Perhaps it is in the AFM?

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  4. Thomas Vaillencourt on Feb 14, 2011

    Older aircraft like your typical 1960’s era cessnas or pipers usually left the factory with a Owners Manual/POH which contained basic and in some cases very limited information on the aircraft besides the much needed performance charts and limitations. Any additional information was usually added later as changes were made to the airframe, equipment, etc, or in some circumstances, when the aircraft manufacturer wanted to supplement the previously published POH’s. These supplements are often just filed into the binder wherever the previously effective sections are and are – even often just stuck in wherever they fit.  I believe it was sometime in the late 70’s the FAA decided to step in and standardize the POH’s into the tabbed POH’s you find on more modern aircraft. Because of this standardization, supplementation is usually added in one section of the binder, and is headed by the log or list of effective pages. and usually refers to the currently effective supplements only so you do not have to riffle through a bunch of “superseded” pages. This is usually located in the last section of a POH. If you cannot find it in your POH is it possibly a new enough aircraft model that has not had any revisions made?

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