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2 Answers

Syllabi Recommendations

Asked by: 3679 views Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating, Private Pilot

I've had my share of private/instrument 141, Sportys, & Jeppesen syllabi.  I was wondering what else is out there that's worthwhile.  What you all recommend/use?  I've been considering making my own...

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2 Answers

  1. MaggotCFII on Feb 08, 2011

    The student popuation I work with is in the Part 61 world, older and working.  A syllabus is a needed tool for structure, consistency and accountability, especially with the folks who do not fly, even weekly.
    The pre-printed syllabi just don’t seem to “cut it” for that crowd.  They work well at “Cookie Cutter Aviation”, a’ la 141.
    What I use: (Private Pilot ASEL)
    From the FARs, I have cut, pasted and printed on 5″ x 8″ card stock; FAR 61-87 (b) Solo Requirements, (c) and (d), when an item is accomplished simply just check it off.
    Did the same with FAR 61-105 (b) Aeronautical Knowledge and FAR 61-107 (b) Flight Proficiency.
    I can keep these on the knee board when flying.
    Next, the PTS, Examiner’s Practical Test Checklist, copy and keep in my student file, checking off as we go along.
    And for an lesson planning reference,  the ASA Flight Training Syllabus – Private Pilot, for creating a lesson plan for each lesson – ground and flight.
    That’s what I use – seems to work well – will be watch to see what others are suggesting.

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  2. Jim Foley on Feb 08, 2011

    Don’t make your own if you want to use it for an FAA approved Part 141 flight school.  My university just got our own approved, and it took about 2.5 years to make it throught the FAA process.  If youjust want some guidance for part 61, just use something like jeppesen.  I’v liked theirs for the most part. 

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