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2 Answers

FSDO CFI Performance Analysis

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I just got a letter from my local FSDO saying that the FAASTeam Program Manager performed a 2 year inquiry of all CFIs in the area and that I have a student failure rate >30 percent. It says that the FPM's meetings with the CFI "provides for an opportunity to discuss current regulations, procedures, and techniques for the instructor to use in fulfilling that responsibility." I'm requested to contact the program manager within 10 days. What is this about and should I contact them?

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2 Answers

  1. Kris Kortokrax on Jan 23, 2018

    Order 8900.1, Volume 15, Chapter 1, Section 4 outlines the duties and responsibilities of the FAASafety Teaam Personnel. They are not allowed to conduct investigations or enforcement.

    It sounds like he just wants to meet with you for a mentoring session. If the letter were a letter of investigation, it would so state and would outline any regulations that might have been violated.

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  2. KDS on Jan 24, 2018

    It’s pretty much as Kris said. If the FAA wanted to get hard-nosed with you, you would have received a 44709 reexamination letter telling you they had reason to believe you might not meet the standards required of a CFI.

    Absolutely, positively, do contact the FAASTeam Program Manager within ten days. Go into it with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. “Glad to meet you and I certainly want to work with you on anything I can do to be a more effective flight instructor.”

    If you are so far away that it is impractical to drive there, call and just talk with the FPM on the phone. If you’re in the local area of the FSDO, call and ask if he would like to see you in person.

    Just a suggestion if it is to be a face to face meeting; make organized notes of each of the people you have recommended, dates, places, aircraft, who the examiner was, what was the reason for failure if applicable, and if the person was retested, what was the results of the retest. Have your log books in your briefcase, but don’t pull them out unless asked for them.

    I can almost promise you that it will be a nice friendly meeting.

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