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4 Answers

Jeppesen Approach Chart expiration date?

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Im new to Jeppesen approach charts. I cant find the expiration date on this charts. I found the issue date and effective date but cant find expiration date. Where can I find it?

4 Answers

  1. KDS on Dec 23, 2017

    Approach charts don’t have expiration dates per se. The government will issue new booklets every eight weeks (or 56 days as the government likes to say). They will also issue an interim update at the 28 day midpoint. However, the same chart may remain unchanged for years.

    Jeppesen has a website where you can check to see if a chart has been replaced by a newer version.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Dec 24, 2017

    Add on to KDS’s good answer.

    Approaches are created by FAA regulation. The plate is a “translation” of a regulatory form describing the approach in text. An approach doesn’t “expire” until there is a new one published and, of course there’s no way to know what that will be in advance. It might be next week or 10 years later.

    The default way for the NACO/FAA charting office has been to put effective dates on the paper charts. Jeppesen has done it by mailing paper updates for the charts that changes. EFB apps which use FAA charts do it both ways – replace all of them on cycle or only update changes. In both cases – Jeppesen and FAA – there are databases and websites which track the changes.

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  3. Russ Roslewski on Dec 24, 2017

    “and, of course there‚Äôs no way to know what that will be in advance.”

    Mark, while your point is valid in the general case, there is a way to get advance information of pending changes to approach procedures, the FAA’s Instrument Flight Procedures Information Gateway.


    If you search for an airport you can get the publication schedule for upcoming amendments (or new procedures) as well as, once that date gets near, the actual source documents which include a list of what the changes are and a prototype approach chart.

    For example, I searched for KPHL, and among other things, found that the ILS OR LOC RWY 26, Amdt 4C is scheduled to publish on 2/1/18. You can also access the forms which will tell you that many small things changed on this procedure – Magnetic Variation changes, missed approach, etc.

    And, what’s more, you can provide feedback to the FAA on upcoming changes to the procedures, and provide your email address to get automatically notified of changes to an airport’s procedures. A pretty neat site.

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  4. Mark Kolber on Dec 26, 2017

    Sorry, Russ. I wasn’t too clear. By “in advance” I meant when the chart was originally published. Of course you can learn of changes to procedures before the next printing.

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