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Is it better to intercept GS from above instead of at intercept altitude? Any advantage or disadvantage?(The dpe in my school wants us to intercept at higher altitude but if so wont we get caught with False GS? According to the dpe the book is wrong the False GS is higher than 9 degrees.  )

2 Answers

  1. KDS on Nov 13, 2017

    I suspect John Collins will come along with a much better answer, but I’ll throw in my two-cents for now.

    I’ve never in my life heard anyone advise capturing the glide slope from above. As reported, that statement from the DPE is so abnormal as to make me believe something was lost in communication and he doesn’t really mean that.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Nov 15, 2017

    I agree with KDS that something may have gotten lost in the translation.

    If what the DPE said was that you may intercept the glideslope at a higher altitude than the charted intercept, that would be correct, so long as you were within the glideslope’s service volume – 10 miles for an ILS glideslope. That 3 degree glideslope continues all the way out (within the service volume) so intercept before the FAF/charted GSI will of course be higher.

    “At a higher altitude” is not the same as “from above” as that term is generally used.

    If John does not expand on this, read his comment in the recent “ILS approach height” thread. It answers your question as well.

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