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4 Answers

Military pilot instructing on the weekends

Asked by: 3800 views Flight Instructor

Hello All,

I was bit with the flying bug when I was 14, recived my PPC certificate in college, did Air Force ROTC and am now flying the KC-135.

I have recently been considering becoming a CFI because I love GA flying and would really like to teach flying to others.  I am still full time with the AF so I really could only handle a student or two. I have my Commercial-Multi, would I just need to get current and take some lessons to recieve my CFI (checkride too of course)?

I read a post about another isntructor developing a syllabus and lesson plans.  I would like to do the same and try to incorporate some of the ways the Air Force taught flying.  Does someone have to review these?

Lastly, does this sound like a good idea?  


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4 Answers

  1. Matthew Waugh on Jan 15, 2011

    The only person who reviews your lesson plans etc. is the examiner. My advice is NOT to incorporate your Air Force training into those lesson plans unless you know that your examiner is ex-Air Force and will agree with the contents.
    On a CFI ride, if it’s not done the FAA way it’s not being done right.
    How you teach students has a little, but not much, with how you pass the checkride. Your first goal is to pass the checkride the FAA way.

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  2. Wesley Beard on Jan 15, 2011

    If you are or were an instructor pilot in the Air Force you can receive your CFI without taking a practical test.  See 61.73 for the details.  It’s possible after taking the CFI written test and CFII written test to walk out of the FSDO with a flight instructor certificate with multi engine and instrument privileges.  You could then add on the single engine with very little extrra time and expense.
    I’d be more than willing to take a look at your lesson plans.

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  3. Micah on Jan 18, 2011

    If you have your IP wings, look up 61.73 and see how you may get the FAA to provide CFI certificates based on your experience. You should find some experienced civil instructors/DPEs who can help guide you. If you cannot get CFI certificates based upon your experience then I would find a DPE or FAA Inspector who views your experience favorably.  You don’t have to get your certificate at the local FSDO and (in my experience) there are many “cowboys” at the FAA who will be eager to show you that just because you have AF experience, you don’t have “what it takes” to fly outside of the AF system.  In any case, getting some good advice will help you along the way.
    When I worked at KBAD’s aero club our chief pilot (John H., who also is a DPE) was a retired RF-4 pilot with many years experience on the civil side.  I think his help was invaluable to the butterbars passing through the IFT/IFE system and would certainly be useful to any transitioning AF pilot.  His advice was extremely helpful to me as a young CFI and although I now fly a desk, he’s someone I look to for wisdom and help on a regular basis with the few students I keep and the flying I still enjoy.  Someone with this experience may be very helpful to you in both your transition to being and instructor-pilot and how to think like a civil pilot and get inside the heads of your students.
    You won’t be a perfect instructor, but that’s ok because neither will your students be perfect.  And your students will surprise you with how they’ll learn with your help (even if you expect this, they’ll surprise you.)  Mostly, if you enjoy instructing, you students should enjoy flying and learning from you.

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  4. Micah on Jan 18, 2011

    Also, if you have some good lesson plans, please share.  I’d be more than willing to use your lesson plans…

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