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2 Answers

Air Traffic Services ICAO vs. Federal Aviation Regulations

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On my private pilot progress check the check cfi asked me what ATC services are and what kind of services I can expect in Class E and how is it different to Class B services. I couldn't give him a really good answer to this question by only referring to the FAR/AIM. At home I searched the web and several different FAA orders and handbooks. On SkyBrary I found the Article Classification Of Airspace which is based on ICAO Annex 11. ICAO Annex 11 divides Air Traffic Services (ATS) into 3 different divisions (Section 2.3):

  • Air traffic control service
  • Flight information service
  • Alerting service

and provides a table in Appendix 4 "ATS AIRSPACE CLASSES — SERVICES PROVIDED AND FLIGHT REQUIREMENTS" which lists the different airspaces and the services provided for VFR and IFR.

Is there any federal source where I can get the same information based on federal law (what are Air Traffic Services and what are the differences within the airspaces in IFR or VFR flight)?

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2 Answers

  1. John D Collins on Aug 15, 2017

    Read the AIM, Section 2. Controlled Airspace, 3−2−1. General. It details the services in every controlled airspace type. The document AIP – AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PUBLICATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA describes how the USA complies with ICAO standards or the differences. See GEN 1.7 Differences From ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures. You can google both documents. They are free downloads.

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  2. Mark Kolber on Aug 16, 2017

    I could be way off base, but it sounds way too complicated for a private pilot progress quiz. Not the question, but the answers being sought.

    Most CFIs at that stage are looking for a really simple answer reflecting pretty basic private pilot level understanding that ATC provides traffic separation and optional weather and VFR traffic advisory services (as well as assisting in emergencies), with the big difference between E and B being the entry requirements and the type of separation services provided to VFR aircraft, not a treatise on international aviation regulation.

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