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Opinions on accelerated instrument training?

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I'm a 300 hour pilot doing my instrument rating and not too thrilled with how long it's taking. After a month, I have about six hours in the simulator, and at this pace, I feel like it will take me a year. I do have my written test done, have more than enough cross-country PIC time and am flying a few hours a week otherwise.

I'm thinking of signing up for one of the 10-day instrument rating courses out there, but I'm worried that squeezing all that training into a short period of time might not be the best idea. I'm willing to dedicate the time - I just want to make sure that I'll be proficient after the investment.

Curious what the consensus is on these accelerated programs, and maybe if there are some programs that are better (or worse) than the others. Thanks!



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2 Answers

  1. alaslistas on Jul 02, 2017

    I wish i had done the accelerated instrument. Ive been working on my ticket for 25 years now. Passed the written 8 times. Most of the CFI and ATP I fly with now dont know the answers to my questions. They never use what was taught anymore and have forgotten.

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  2. R. Anderson on Jul 20, 2017

    In my opinion, 10-day instrument rating courses are not a good idea because there is just too much to be learn and the necessary skills require time to develop and absorb. Becoming a safe and competent instrument rated pilot is much more than just developing stick and rudder skills. Many complex intellectual connections within a significantly diverse operating environment must be developed through a wide-ranging and thorough understanding of much more information than someone can acquire in 10 days.

    That being said, since you have obviously had more instrument training than someone who might go from private pilot training directly to a 10-day program, your circumstances are a bit different.

    I would still favor a concentrated effort to learn the entire IFR environment, procedurally and flying skill-wise before attempting to just obtain the ticket.

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