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Instrument Rating

I'm just starting IFR and this is all spaghetti to me .  But if I want to depart KJYO but do not have RNAV - do I open the flight plan with Potomac clearance and ask for vectors to my filed route?

3 Answers

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    R. Anderson on May 10, 2017

    Likely when you receive your IFR clearance you will be given a routing to fly from the takeoff runway to the first point/navaid on your route. Such as “… after departure, fly runway heading, expect vectors to XYZ, maintain (some altitude)”.

    I have not flown in or out of KJYO, but ATC can and does provide radar vectors until you get to a point where you can begin navigating on your own, considering the equipment you have. They will know that you don’t have RNAV because of the aircraft equipment suffix used when you file your flight plan.

    Lastly, listen to Leesburg clearance delivery frequency (118.55) which you can do via the internet (www.liveatc.net) or a scanner. This will help you understand the type of departure procedures are being given to pilots.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. John D Collins on May 10, 2017

    The RNAV SIDs require filing with an ICAO flightplan form and coded with equipment that meets the RNAV 1 PBN specification. Not all GPS systems meet the criteria. If you file via a domestic flightplan form and specify one of these procedures, your flightplan will be rejected by ATC. The same is true if you don’t file an appropriate PBN code. If you are unsure, file your flightplan without the SID, just file to the first point along your route.

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  3. Mark Kolber on May 18, 2017

    I’m happy Anderson’s answer satisfied the questioner. Just to make sure since you mentioned spaghetti, Glen, I’m going to back up a step.

    All Standard Instrument Departures (and STARs too) are really nothing more than a set of canned ATC instructions. They are published mostly to make them easier to communicate and understand.. Some are designed for certain equipment, others for certain types of aircraft. Some are available but not used very much. The fact that some are published doesn’t mean there aren’t other procedures available.

    From ATC standpoint anyway, they are all optional and do not in any way represent the universe of clearances and instructions for leaving an airport IFR.

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